Oncology Center

Immunotherapy is a great opportunity in the treatment of cancer. A form of this therapy is the T-cell receptor gene therapy.

Here the T-lymphocytes, also called killer cells, are filtered from the patient’s blood and given directly into the bloodstream of the patient as a blood transfusion. There the T-cells recognize and destruct the tumour cells.

For certain types of cancer this treatment concept has been successfully tested in clinical trials. However, the disease recurs in a high number of patients.



T-cell-receptors in the battle against cancer

Immunotherapy is the most promising therapy against cancer. But some forms of immunotherapy do not really deliver what they promise. Various studies have found that T-cells where a mutation already took place and which have been used to create T-Cell receptors, may pass the information to back to healthy cells of the human body instead of jointly supporting a healing process. This is very similar to a virus infecting other cells. In this case the negative effect translates into the cancer coming back.

The selection process of the tumor and virus-specific T-cells makes the difference.


Marvel of the immune system

Our immune system selects the cells: the good ones go to the potty, the bad ones will be killed. When the dendrite cells get the information about the tumor, which is extracted from the patient’s blood, our immune system selects good and bad cells automatically.

Some of the cell proteins are altered by cancer!

What is the therapeutical difference for the patient? The T-cells treatment adjusts the T-cells specifically to target the tumor cells. The T-cells can upload native T-cells with tumor material, causing the cancer to come back.


Dendrite cells are always in search of foreign structures in our body. Special laboratory processes can separate progenitor cells of the dendritic cells from the patient´s blood. Then they can be multiplied in the incubator. The tumor material in the blood is genetically engineered and then loaded into the dendrite cells. These cells in the form of cell suspension are hereafter injected back into the patient. The dendrite cells find their way into the lymph nodes and pass on the information to the NK-cells, T-cells and B-cells.


Dendrite cells have been in use by oncologists all over the world for years. In contrast to the immune system harmful therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the dendritic cell therapy is a gentle method for the patient. It is a purely biological method that supports the immune system and the self-healing forces of the organism. The side effects of the standard therapy are significantly reduced down to full absence of any side effects.


Obviously, this is new ground for a lot of specialists, but it offers great opportunities for the patients to be treated both optimally and sustainably. The dendritic cell therapy can be used as the only treatment with nutritional supplements for the immune system at the patient’s request. Many of the experts agree, the key to success is always the patient. The optimal therapy and the patient’s positive attitude is the synergy for more success. Combination of the therapies provides a real chance of healing. A healthy and balanced nutrition, sport, as well as stressless work and a healthy family life provide the patient with the necessary inner strength to overcome cancer.