Orthopedics & Neurosurgery Center

Spine and Joints Center Munich WGZM specializes in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The main focus of the Centre is treatment and prevention of spine and joints diseases. At the heart of the work of WGZM specialists is the modern minimally invasive MIBRAR method, whereby the extensive surgery and prosthetics are faded.

MIBRAR (Minimally Invasive Biological Regenerative Autologous Reconstruction) is a proprietary minimally invasive technique of Spine and Joints Center in Munich WGZM. MIBRAR is based on cutting-edge research in the field of efficient use of autologous plasma, growth factors and stem cells. These methods improved Ottaviano Tapparo, a professor at the Institute NATRAIL and applied in conjunction with their own unique developments of Professor Arsen Babayan in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

  The MIBRAR technology has the following revolutionary benefits:  

  • precision
  • painlessness
  • minimal invasiveness efficiency
  • no need for general anesthesia and hospitalization
  • short-term rehabilitation period
  • autologous alternative to synthetic drugs and prostheses

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