Medical Costs
Depending on the diagnosis, the medical costs will be individually calculated. Before the recording of the patient in the hospital IMZ establishes tailored and transparent offer for the medical costs and the probable duration of the treatment. The calculation of medical fees for the in-patient and out-patient medical services is based on the German regulations on physician’s fees (GOÄ). The costs of your in-patient stay are composed according to DRG requirements. The costs for recommended treatment are always due in advance.

Estimate is a provisional assessment of the expected costs of the treatment according to the treating physicians or GOÄ und DRG requirements. Please notice that the estimate may be recalculated according to diagnosis. The costs of any complications or secondary diagnoses are not included to the estimate. In case of new diagnostic data, complications or the treatment in the intensive care including mechanical lung ventilation the costs may rise many times over. The estimate is established during 24 hours. The cost estimate could be sent via email or fax, depending on its patient’s wishes. The precondition for an inpatient or outpatient admission is the advance payment for the full estimate value.

Final invoice
After completing your treatment, you will receive a complete statement of all your costs. Should any intra-operative changes, additional medical or diagnostic services occur, the final invoice will be adapted accordingly. Please notice that in case of the difference between the cost estimate and the final invoice the relevant costs are the costs of final invoice. In case when the final amount exceeds the advance payment, the difference should be payed during the two weeks. In case when your advance payment exeeds the final invoice the difference will be reimbursed to the patient. The final invoice will be established in two weeks to three months at the most after the treatment. All invoices are due within fourteen days from the date of the invoice.


The price is based on a German pricing system according to GOÄ, DRG requirments or as a lump.

German regulations on physician’s fees (GOÄ)

German regulations on physician’s fees (GOÄ) regulates the billing of all services outside the statutory system of health insurance. It is the accounting for both the private patients who pay for their own treatments und for patients who are insured with a private health insurance company, as well as for the other medical services which could chargeable by a licensed physician.

DRG Diagnosis-Related Groups

DRG System is a generalizing settlement system which providing a settlement of stationary treatment essentially independent of the length of hospital stay by case-based lump sums. DRG means Diagnosis-Related Groups.

Payment options

We accept the following payment methods: by bank transfer, credit card payment or cash. For the cash payment corresponding receipts and acknowledgements are issued.

For the chosen method of payment the following data are required:

Bank transfer
  • Account  holder: IMZ GmbH
  • Bank name: Hypo Vereinsbank
  • IBAN: DE08700202700010292667

Credit card payment
  • Card holder name
  • Type  of credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AmEx)
  • Credit card number
  • CVC Card Validation Code (three-digit number on the reverse of the card)
  • Credit card expiry date (month and year)

Cash payment
  • Name and address of the patient for the establishing of receipt and final invoice