International Medicine intends to optimize and increase the efficiency of medical care. This development enables International Medicine to further extend the limits of its possibilities. The purpose of these endeavors is to provide a fast recovery and a successful and less complex therapy. Criteria for the realization of these goals are:

1. Minimizing the risks and side effects

medical-slide-11.jpga) By minimizing risks and after-effects of the conservative treatment the ultimate goal is to limit as much as reasonably possible the risks and side effects associated with pharmaceutical products and other conservative treatments.

b) The purpose of surgical procedures is to minimize invasive measures, i.e. the minimization of damage dealt to healthy tissue related to surgery. The following endoscopic operations, which can be performed on different parts of the human body, are providing a further improvement to achieve even better surgical results:





Arthroscopy etc.

The above-mentioned methods help to reduce recovery time after surgery. The less human tissue is being damaged during surgery, the shorter is the recovery time. The less the human tissue is damaged, the more integration options for new rehabilitation procedures are supported.

The development of new medical technologies allows outpatient surgeries, which previously were performed only during inpatient hospital stay. The use of various innovative methods allows patients to leave the clinic earlier. New innovative and minimally invasive treatments considerably reduce the need for general anaesthesia or other anesthetic techniques.

2. Exact therapeutic application

docsThe exact therapeutic application is an important part of the healing process. The successful treatment depends on accurate diagnosis and optimally selected treatment methods. This is achieved on the basis of an optimal strategy for treatment.

The present approach is based on the basic elements of achieving efficiency, quick treatment success and the prevention of the side effects. The aforementioned principles represent the basis of our philosophy.

The concept of the IMZ is based on the continuous vocational education of our specialists, technical improvement and application of innovative technology using modern equipment, creating the prerequisites for effective, exact, rapid, uncomplicated and painless treatment.

The professional attitude of our specialists as well as modern clinic equipment simplify and facilitate the treatment process.

The IMZ combines most advanced clinics using innovative medical procedures from all over the world. The cooperation with leading scientific research institutes warrants a broad spectrum of innovative methods and up-to-date technologies. This in turn safeguards our leading position on the medical market.

All innovative methods and technologies applied by the IMZ are recognized on national as well as on international levels. They are supported by long-term statistical efficiency assessments showing positive efficiency evaluations.

Diligently selected specialists cover all areas of modern medicine. They specialize not only in defined fields of medicine, but cover as well particular medical procedures providing proof from a statistical point of view of a leading positions in medicine.